This documentation describes version 0.32.0 of the grp2c package.
Date of last modification is: 27 Feb, 1998.

Grapnel Programming Evironment

The grapnel compiler is part of SEPP project. This project is supported by the EC within COPERNICUS Research Project No. 5383. The Grapnel Compiler translates GRP files, generated by the Graphical Program Editor (GRED), into C source. Latest version of the grapnel compiler is available on site mazsola. grp2c package contains three parts:
  1. Grapnel Application Programming Interface (Grapnel Library):
  2. GRP parser (Parser Library):
  3. Grapnel compiler:
Examples show you what kind of C-source can be generated using the Grapnel Compiler.
Please send your ideas, recommendations, etc. to Dániel Drótos ( via e-mail.