HPCTI - mapping & load-balancing tool

This is a part (for task 4) of Copernicus project "High Performance Computing Tools for Industry". 1994-1997. The WWW entry points for HPCTI, SEPP and SEIHPC projects are located at Westminster University.

Mapping section format in GRP file

XPMAP tool for Demonstrator D12 (Mapping)

PG_PVM v.0.9 or better: PG_PVM v.0.9.3 - monitoring tool for PVM - generates n-picl trace file appropriate for ParaGraph visualisation tool

Other partner's stuff links:
GRADE: info + download binary

Links to similar projects: Visifold |Code 2.0 |HeNCE2 |Phred |VPE

Local MIRROR :

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Partners info, manuals: Daniel's grp2c v.0.32.0 - doc html pages, grade_manual.ps.gz [218kB]

New update:

  • grade-5.32.18-Irix5.3.tar.gz [2.5 MB - binary]
  • grade-5.32.18-Solaris2.6.tar.gz [4.5 MB - binary]
    + INSTALL.txt
    + BUGS.txt
  • tape.tar.gz [149kB]
  • grp-0.34.3.tar.gz [275kB]

    Oct'97 - version:

  • grade-5.30.2.tar.gz GRED-2.0.0 + DDBG-1.0b + grp2c-0.30.0 [763kB]
    Local additional SOURCE : + readme how to make GRADE-5.30.2 stuff[1kB] + Dani's LINUX patch + my additional LINUX patch + my PG_PVM and mapping_tool patch
    See how grade_v5.30.2 control panel on LINUX look like!
    Old C/C++ sources (for the SEPP final version - April'97):
    + grade-dist.tar.gz GRED-1.3.0 + DDBG-1.0a + grp2c-0.27.0 [497kB]
    + patch-PG-grade-dist.gz my PG patch (corrects PG_PVM options) [2kB]
    + readme how to make this stuff [2kB]