XPMAP tool

Here you can download the latest (1998 November 18) version of XMPAP tool
  • xpmap-1.1.1-SUN4SOL2.tar.gz 190018 bytes - binaries for SUN running SOLARIS 2.5
  • xpmap-1.1.1-LINUX.tar.gz 154678 bytes - binaries for LINUX (2.0.32/RedHat5.0)
  • xpmap-1.1.1-SGI64.tar.gz 267163 bytes - binaries for SGI running IRIX 6.2

    Here you can download the final SEPP Copernicus version (1997 April 17) of XMPAP tool
  • xpmap-0.9.8.tar.gz 64243bytes C-source
    The tool consists of two executables: "pmap" and "xpmap". The first one should be located where PVM-daemon searches for application executables. (Specified with "ep" variable, or as $BINDIR in GRADE). This is needed because the tool itself is running distributed under PVM. The second one (i.e. "xpmap") need to be placed only on the host where GRED is runing. We support all of above platforms, but GRED only SGI and SOLARIS.

    If the tool has to be integrated into GRADE, gred-mp script should be replaced by one-line script xpmap $*. The tool can be started via "Mapping" submenu in the "Options" menu in the GRADE.

    The tool can "read" the running PVM hardware topology with measuring the interconnection delays and computing speed. If you replace the gred-hwc script by one-line script pmap - (minus sign), this additional tool function can be initiated via "HW Config." submenu in the "Options" menu in the GRADE.

    The tool need another SEPP/HPCTI tool be installed: grppars utility distributed in the "grp2c" compiler from University of Miskolc (Daniel Drotos). (Local copy is here.)

    Here is a small tutorial. This tool can be self-monitored through PG_PVM and visualized by ParaGraph, patched by ParaGraph.patch file from PG_PVM package and for LINUX also by this patch.