SlovakGrid Certification Authority
Institute of Informatics, Slovak Academy of Sciences
Cerificate Policy and Ceritfication Practice Statement of the SlovakGrid Certification Authority

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December 18, 2015: v2.2 OID: (PDF)
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    SHA1: 0371e3e2295d655ce307dcf12b587140217a7f34
    SHA256: 1a56111a039c8d4664c15663eba25e1de74859a7a799d1b240a5a2663426aa1d

February 7, 2013: v2.1 OID: (PDF)
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    SHA1: e2c6abab576877013ae3fc5a6da9b0eff8068e11
    SHA256: 1fa4907e751be7eae416f167e6a55ecaa37c05167fb4c28685dbb55ee85bfad1

June 16, 2003: v1.2 OID: (PostScript), (PDF)
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    SHA1: 9e65ff694c05a9c165c22443d0bd07d2df455387
    MD5: de593fe5c2e8a34e9bcc8c61777e0d94
CP&CPS excerpts for user duties, translated to Slovak language: (PDF)