SlovakGrid Certification Authority
Institute of Informatics, Slovak Academy of Sciences
SlovakGrid Certification Authority at Institute of Informatics, Slovak Academy of Sciences, was established in the scope of the EU CrossGrid project to provide Slovak Grid community with PKI services.
CA Certificate: e13e0fcf.0
SHA1 Fingerprint = 24:C9:E7:2C:BE:65:9A:90:0F:A5:40:46:02:6D:E2:0D:B4:B8:F3:5A
SHA256 Fingerprint = 97:88:B0:35:E1:2E:60:31:BB:62:D5:8D:C5:F4:B0:59:DA:96:AD:51:2C:FD:A1:01:0F:7C:EF:16:DA:FB:26:34
CRL: slovakgrid.crl
RPM: look for "ca_SlovakGrid-*.noarch.rpm" here
Config for UI-node:
SHA1 sum: 4234e3adba19ddaba3315813295d940f48dd7a45

User manual:
How to generate certificate (rekey) request(s).
Unix script for generating user or host requests.
Form [English version] for new grid users: fill, print and bring yourself to RA.
How to import certificate into web browser.

Postal contact:
certifikačná autorita
Ústav informatiky SAV
Dúbravská cesta 9
84507 Bratislava, Slovakia