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mail to: dobrucky.ui_savba.sk

First name: Miroslav
Name: Dobrucký

Graduated: Slovak Technical University, Bratislava, 1986, Faculty of Electrotechnic and Informatics, branch Electronic Computers.
Work: High Performance Computing & Networking = Grid [EGI_logo] [DEGREE_logo] [int.eu.grid] [EGEE] [MEDIGRID] [CROSSGRID] [ANFAS] [HPCTI] WORK [book]

Position: researcher
|Ing. Miroslav Dobrucky (E-mail:upsymido_savba.sk) phone:421-2-59411289 |
|     Institute of Informatics, Slovak Academy of Sciences              |
|Dubravska cesta 9, 845 07 Bratislava, SLOVAKIA     fax: +421-2-54771004|

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