Marek Ciglan

I am working as a computer science researcher at Institute of informatics, Slovak academy of sciences. Between 2009-2011, I was working as a post-doc fellow at the database and distributed systems research group at Department of computer and information science (IDI), NTNU, Norway.

My research interests include graph data management and mining and semantic search.

contact: marek.ciglan[at]

recent publications (preprint versions):


research projects:
  • Comidor - Cooperative Mining of Independent Document Repositories, supported by Norwegian Research Council under program VERDIKT
  • Commius - EU FP7 project: Community-based Interoperability Utility for SMEs (2008-2011) FP7-213876
  • ADMIRE - EU FP7 project: Advanced Data Mining and Integration Research for Europe (2008-2011) FP7-215024
  • AIIA - Adaptive Interoperability Framework for Private and Public Sector (1.9.2008-31.12.2010), APVV project APVV-0216-07
  • SEMCO-WS - Semantic composition of Web and Grid Services (1.2.2007-31.12.2009), APVV project APVV-0391-06
  • - EU FP6 RI (III) project: Interactive European Grid (2006-2008) RI-031857
  • DEGREE - EU FP6 SSA IST project: Dissemination and Exploitation GRids in Earth sciencE (2006-2008) FP6-034619
  • MEDIGRID - EU FP6 RTD SustDev project: Mediterranean Grid of Multi-Risk Data and Models (2004-2006) GOCE-CT-2003-004044
  • NAZOU - Tools for Acquisition, Organization and Maintenance of Knowledge in an Environment of Heterogeneous Information Resources (09/2004 - 11/2007) Slovak National Project SPVV 1025/04
  • GRID-TOOLS - Tools for preparation, effective execution and visualization of applications and data management in Grid environment (15.2.2007 - 29.2.2008), APVV project RPEU-0024-06
  • EGEE-II - EU FP6 RI (III) project: Enabling Grids for E-sciencE II (2006-2008) RI-031688
  • EGEE - EU FP6 RI (III) project: Enabling Grids for E-sciencE (2004-2006) INFSO-RI-508833