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Smolenice is a village in the west part of Slovakia, located about 60 km from the capital city Bratislava in north-east direction.
The Smolenice castle, surrounded by a beutiful park, is towering above the village of Smolenice in the eastern foothills of Male Karpaty (Small Carpatians). The castle was preceded by a stronghold watching the Czech Road, and it was destroyed and abandoned in late 18th century. From this medieval stronghold only a part of the outside rampart with a cannon bastion is preserved. Renovation of the castle in Romantic style, started in late 19th century, was finished in 1955. Now the castle is owned by Slovak Academy of Sciences. Its name is also "The House of Scientific Workers Smolenice".

The castle is used to shelter both recreation and work (conferences, workshops, seminars, etc.). The castle is arranged as the hotel. There are conference halls, dining rooms, saloons and bedrooms in the interior of it. It is a nice and quiet place.

The castle is situated in the Male Karpaty mountains. A small trips to the forest, medows, cave Jaskyna Driny and peak Zaruby (~750m) are possible to go through walking in 1-4 hours.