EU 5FP IST RTD project: Development of Grid Environment for Interactive Applications (2002-05) IST-2001-32243
Project started on March 1, 2002 (21 partners from 11 Europe countries), finished on 30 April 2005.

The Cross Grid project will develop, implement and exploit new Grid components for interactive compute and data intensive applications like simulation and visualisation for surgical procedures, flooding crisis, team decision support systems, distributed data analysis in high-energy physics, air pollution combined with weather forecasting.

TB5 meeting

Tutorial pages

- kick-off conference in Cracow
- EDG User's Guide
- LCG-2-UserGuide
- Helpdesk
- FZK CVS guide
- WorldGrid

- SKK/Euro conversion rate
- monthly reports (confidential)
- IST News Jan.04 - New Grid desktop tool making flood prediction easier

NMI initiative - U.S.A.
List of similar EU projects:

AVO	- virtual observatory for astronomy
CROSSGRID tools and services for interactive grid applications
DAMIEN	- middleware building blocks for simulation and visualisation
DATAGRID- middlewared development and testbeds for HEP, Earth Obs and Biology
DATATAG	- transatlantic Grid networking testbed
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-  9 projects are in negotiations in 2002:

 FLOWGRID    - CFD virtual organisation
 OPENMOLGRID - environment for molecular design/engineering tasks
 GRACE       - just in time distributed search and categorization
 COG         - grid technology in industry: ontologies of modeling of data
               in dispersed locations
 MOSES       - modules for knowledge grid
 GEMSS       - medical computing and resource/service provider
               to clinical environment
 BIOGRID     - grid approach in biotechnology industry
 SELENE      - bridging the gap between semantic web technology
               and peer-to-peer computing
 MAMMOGRID   - using grid technology to develop EU wide database
               of mammograms for healthcare research