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lecture Grid Computing for Complex Problems, Slovakia
Date/Time: from Tuesday 29 November 2005 (09:00) to Thursday 01 December 2005 (12:00)
Location: Institute of Informatics, Bratislava, Slovakia
Chairperson: L.Hluchy
Description: "Gridové počítanie pre zložité aplikácie"

3 day combined event for grid users: workshop with invited lectures and plenary discussions, accompanied by induction & grid application developer course.

Deadline for papers & registration: 14 November 2005.
Size: max.6 pages, LNCS style to be sent through web submission & registration form (source and PDF).
Registration fee: 500 Sk + 300 Sk per proceedings, in cash at the conference.

Workshop topics:

  1. High performance applications
  2. Tools and services for grid computing
  3. Knowledge mechanisms applicable in grid computing

Venue: IISAS, Bratislava, Slovakia.

Language: Slovak, Czech, English (in papers: Abstract should be written in English)

List of Authors.

Associate action: to create national Grid initiative "Spristupnenie Gridu pre elektronicku vedu na Slovensku" which will help to improve the e-science in Slovakia through the creation of virtual organizations for individual science branches. The workshop's aim is to join Grid specialists with complex application users.

[ last update: Friday 25 November 2005 ]
Tuesday 29 November 2005 10:00->12:00 session 1  Ladislav Hluchy
Tuesday 29 November 2005 13:30->19:45 session 2  Ladislav Hluchy
Wednesday 30 November 2005 09:00->12:15 session 3  Jan Astalos
Wednesday 30 November 2005 13:15->18:10 session 4  Miroslav Dobrucky
Thursday 01 December 2005 09:30->12:00 session 5  Viera Sipkova

 Tuesday 29 November 2005
session 1 (2005-11-29 10:00->12:00)
Description: invited lectures 
Chairperson: Ladislav Hluchy
Location: IISAS, Bratislava, room No.102
welcome (15')    Ladislav Hluchy
(IISAS, Bratislava)
Grid Computing in Projects of IISAS (Gridove pocitanie v projektoch UI SAV) (45')    Ladislav Hluchy
(IISAS, Bratislava)
EGEE middleware for grid application developers (1h00')    Miroslav  Ruda

session 2 (2005-11-29 13:30->19:45)
Description: invited lectures and demos 
Chairperson: Ladislav Hluchy
Location: IISAS
Interactive Result Visualization on the Grid (1h00')    Paul Heinzlreiter
(GUP, Johannes Kepler University Linz)
Virtual Laboratory - closer the eScience (45')    Marcin Lawenda
(PSNC Poznan)
-- coffee break --
P-GRADE Portal: Towards a User-friendly Grid Environment (1h00')    Miklos Kozlovszky
(MTA SZTAKI, Budapest)
FloodGrid demo (CrossGrid project) (30')    Miroslav Dobrucky
(IISAS, Bratislava)
K-Wf Grid project demo (30')    Ondrej Habala
(IISAS, Bratislava)
welcome reception

 Wednesday 30 November 2005
session 3 (2005-11-30 09:00->12:15)
Chairperson: Jan Astalos
Location: IISAS
Mediterranean Grid of Multi-Risk Data and Models (25')    Miroslav Dobrucky
(IISAS, Bratislava)
Grids and User Applications (25')    Viera Sipkova
(IISAS, Bratislava)
Job management in the LCG-type Grid (25')    Miroslav Dobrucky
(IISAS, Bratislava)
IEPSAS-Kosice: experiences in running LCG site (25')    Marian Babik
(IISAS, Bratislava)
coffee break
Latest advances in fully coupled thermal structural calculations using finite element method (FEM) with new energy conservation equation (25')    Ladislav Ecsi
(SjF STU Bratislava)
Simulation of Data Flow Architecture in Parallel environment (25')    Marek Straka
(FEI TU Kosice)
CERN/LHC exeperimenty ATLAS, ALICE a ich výpočtové nároky na GRID (25')    Blahoslav Pastircak
(UEF SAV, Kosice)

session 4 (2005-11-30 13:15->18:10)
Chairperson: Miroslav Dobrucky
Location: IISAS
(CIT Trencin)
A Real-Coded Genetic Algorithm for the Determination of Liquids Refraction Index (25')    Jan Pigosova
(UM SAV, Bratislava)
Ordered Fuzzy Decision Tree Building in Parallel (25')    Vitaly Levashenko
(ZU, Zilina)
e-Science: Experiences with utilization of the grid computational model based on using the ARC middleware (25')    Jozef Cernak
(UPJS Kosice)
E-veda v EGEE - testbedy a virtualne organizacie (25')    Adrian Toth, Tomas Daranyi
(IISAS, Bratislava)
coffee break
Authentication in Grid (25')    Adrian Bagala
(FIIT STU Bratislava)
Optimization of Linear Codes (25')    Ivan Simecek
(CVUT Praha)
(VUPOP Bratislava)
Selected Part of Solving Sparse System over Z2 via Block Lanczos Algorithm (25')    Marek Sys
(FEI STU Bratislava)
Aplikacie superpocitacov v kvantovej chemii (Supercomputers applications in quantum chemistry) (25')    Martin Breza
(CHTF STU Bratislava)
Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing in Grid Applications (25')    Michal Laclavik
(IISAS, Bratislava)

 Thursday 01 December 2005
session 5 (2005-12-01 09:30->12:00)
Description: lectures and panel discussion 
Chairperson: Viera Sipkova
Location: IISAS
Knowledge Assimilation for Performance Prediction of Grid Services for optimal Workflow Execution (30')    Zoltan Balogh
(IISAS, Bratislava)
Grid infrastructures in Central Europe (30')    Jan Astalos
(IISAS, Bratislava)
coffee break
Panel discussion (1h00')
"Future of Grid computing in Slovakia."

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