Grid Computing for Complex Problems, Slovakia
Date/Time: 	from Tuesday 29 November 2005 (9:00) to Thursday 01 December
2005 (12:00)
Location: 	Institute of Informatics, Bratislava, Slovakia
Chairperson: 	L.Hluchy

3 day combined event for grid users: workshop with invited lectures and a
plenary discussions, accompanied by induction & grid application developer

Deadline for papers & registration: 14 November 2005.
Size: max.6 pages, LNCS style to be sent through web submission &
registration form (source and PDF).
Registration fee: 500 Sk + 300 Sk per proceedings, in cash at the

Workshop topics:

   1. High performance applications
   2. Tools and services for grid computing
   3. Knowledge mechanisms applicable in grid computing 

Venue: Institute of Informatics, Bratislava, Slovakia

Language: Slovak, Czech, English (in papers: Abstract should be
written in English)

Associate action: to create national Grid initiative "Spristupnenie Gridu
pre elektronicku vedu na Slovensku" which will help to improve the e-science
in Slovakia through the creation of virtual organizations for individual
science branches. The workshop's aim is to join Grid specialists with
complex application users.
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